Illustration of a sad person who sits in a sofa

The ReConnect tool

(Earlier called Psyconnect)

ReConnect is a web-based tool to support users of mental health care in their recovery. The users can invite their health care providers, from both community and specialist health care, to collaborate in using the tool during their recovery process. With ReConnect the users and health care providers are ensured secure communication at different levels of care with the purpose to enhance continuity and stable relations.

An interdisciplinary team consisting of IT developers, service users, health care practitioners and scientists took part in developing ReConnect.

The control panel in ReConnect is visualized as an arrow, symbolizing a process towards recovery. The control panel contains:

  • My life domains: your status, what helps and what hinders your recovery.  
  • My medicines: your prescribed medicines and your experience with using them.
  • My network: relatives, friends and service providers.
  • Registrations: Register how you cope and get an overview over time.
  • Exercises
  • Crisis plan
  • My goals: here you can invite your health care provider(s) to participate in an activity to support you in achieving your goal.

In ReConnect you also find:

  • Relevant information.
  • A collection of useful links to external websites.
  • An email account: send messages to your health care providers.
  • A forum: discuss anonymously with other users.
  • A diary where only you have access
  • Opportunity to upload files that you or your health care provider want to share (e.g. a document from a meeting).