IT-support to Give Children With Chronic Illness a Voice in Their Care

What is Sisom 

Children with chronic illness can experience many physical, functional, and psychosocial symptoms and problems, but they do not have the same verbal skills as adults to tell about them. This leaves children at particular risk that their problems remain under-diagnosed and -treated.

At Center for Shared Decision Making and Collaborative Care Research a research project on communication with sick children has developed and tested a computer-based tool called Sisom to help and support children in conveying their thoughts and feelings. 

Sisom is an animated interactive assessment and communication tool that gives children a “voice” in their care.

With its child-friendly interface, Sisom helps children report their symptoms and problems, enabeling care providers  to better understand their concerns and respond with appropriate care.

Sisom is available in Norwegian, English, French and Greek languages.