Online Collaboration Tools for User Involvement in Mental Health (Earlier called PsyConnect)


The potentials of Interactive Health Communication Applications (IHCA) in community mental health care are supported by an increasing number of studies. IHCAs have shown to improve users' self-care skills and patient-centered care, and can play a key role in transforming health care into user-centered collaborative practices, as called for in Norway’s Collaboration Reform. However, the implementation of such applications into real-life practices has been slow, unpredictable, and is poorly understood.


We aim to advance knowledge and methods that can facilitate effective adaption, implementation and evaluation of patient-centered IHCA tools in community mental health care and across settings. Guided by two complementary theoretical frameworks for implementation and evaluation, we more specifically: 1) identify local users' and providers' needs, priorities and requirements for an adapted tool called ReConnect; 2) implement and evaluate ReConnect in two case community settings, 3) identify similarities/discrepancies between settings, 4) assess the suitably of applied frameworks and propose guidelines for implementation of ICHAs in community mental health. A IHCA tool that has shown to effectively improve care for cancer patients will be adapted, implemented and evaluated in community mental health care in two community settings.


The project is owned by Norwegian Centre for Integrated Care and Telemedicine in collaboration with Center for Shared Decision-Making and Collaboration Research. The study comprises of stakeholders from the two case communities Asker/VestreViken and Balsfjord/Univ Hospital in North Norway (UNN) and Centers for Learning and Coping, Vestre Viken, in addition to research partners; Center, Dept of Research, Vestre Viken HF; Norwegian Centre for Integrated Care and Telemedicine (NST) Psychiatric Center for Tromsø and surrounding districts (PSTO), UNN; The Karolinska Institute, Stockholm.   Funding: NFR, Helse Nord, Extra Fund.  Two PhD fellowships build their studies on this project: Monica Strand and Audhild Høyem.


  • Enhet Psykisk helse

    Rus og ReHabilitering, Balsfjord kommune

  • Psykososialt team

    Asker kommune

  • Psychiatric care and substance abuse treatment

    Storsteinnes, University Hospital of North Norway

  • Asker DPS

    Vestre Viken

  • Psychiatric Unit Blakstad

    Vestre Viken

  • Asker og Bærum Mental Health