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How We Work


The research group includes researchers from PhD students to senior staff within diverse fields such as nursing, psychology, education and information science. Our research focuses on shared decision making and how digital solutions can empower people in their collaboration with health care providers in their own treatment. 

System Development Team

We have our very own system development team and creative designer who build our digital solutions using the Scrum methodology. Since different projects call for different technology they also use some of their time exploring and testing new technology.

Information Officers

Four of our employees are dedicated to ensuring the quality of the information and content in the different projects and digital solutions. They are a type of hub between the researchers and system developers. As product owners (a designated role within the Scrum method), they also plan and coordinate the activities performed by the system development team. This often entails communicating with patients and health personnel throughout the research and development process; from participant recruitment, interviewing, to developing and testing.

Service User Consultants

Service user consultants are people with lived experiences of health problems and health services. They play a key role in ensuring that the patient perspective guides our research and development, also by networking with patient organizations.


Our head of administration works with strategy, human resources management, financial management and research administration. We also have a secretary who takes care of the front desk, infrastructure, procurement and administration.