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Individualized Support for Cancer Patients through the Internet

Being diagnosed and treated for cancer is often associated with multiple and frequently severe symptoms, impaired functional status, and complex emotional, psychosocial and existential issues that can last over a long time, even after treatment is completed. This project developed WEB–CHOICE, an Internet based support system for cancer patients that provides patient-centered, individualized information and peer and professional support over the Internet. We developed WEB–CHOICE that contains:

  • Self-assessment of symptoms, problems and preferences (Assessment component).
  • Provides evidence-based, reliable information and support targeted to patients’ identified symptoms, problems and preferences (Information Component).
  • Provides access to other WWW resources, such as links to other reliable, relevant web sites.
  • Established and administer an online support service for patients to share information and obtain peer and professional support. (Communication component).
  • Evaluated feasibility, usage pattern, patient satisfaction and ease of use of WEB-CHOICE.

Web-Choice was subsequently tested in a randomized clinical trial.


  • Norwegian Cancer Society (Thumbnail)
    Norwegian Cancer Society