ReConnect 2.0

Online facilitation of collaboration and recovery in mental health

Project period

2015 - 2016


Extrastiftelsen Helse og Rehabilitering ved Rådet for psykisk helse


The first version of the ReConnect tool will be pilot-tested with 40 users of mental health services and their care providers in different levels of health care. The overall goal is for the users to experience a) increased control and insight into aspects that influence their own health and well-being, b) that treatment decisions are more based on their own values and goals, c) improved continuity in their health services. Read more about the project here.

Aims for ReConnect 2.0

ReConnect 2.0 (to be developed) is a project where the plan is to refine the ReConnect tool,  based on feedback from the service users and providers in the ReConnect pilot study. Our preliminary goals are:

  • to adapt the user interface and content to mobile platform
  • to include modules for audio and video
  • to edit the content in order to have a throughout focus on recovery research and approach
  • to include the validated tool Client-Directed, Outcome-Informed (CDOI) practice for feedback and measures to improve communication between the user and the health care provider.

There has been an ongoing demand from our service user consultants that ReConnect facilitates empowerment for users regardless of diagnosis, and over a longer period of time. Hence the target group are users of mental health care services who are expected to receive continuous care for a long period, regardless of diagnosis and of the level(s) of care they receive services from.