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Center for Shared Decision Making and Collaborative Care Research is an interdisciplinary research unit organized under Department of Medicine, Oslo University Hospital. The Center Director Lise Solberg Nes reports directly to the Head of Division of Medicine, Morten Mowe.

The center has approximateley 25 employees, and the research group includes researchers at all levels from PhD students to senior staff within different fields of study. The centre also has its own system development team, technical consultants on information/content  and a small administration.


Lise Solberg Nes, Center Director, Head of Research, N3

Executive group:

In addition to Center Director the executive group consists of: 

Per Tømmer, Head of System Development, N4

Deede Gammon, Senior Researcher

Heidi Nygård, Head of Administration, N4

Marianne Westeng, Head of Editorial Content, N4

Elin Børøsund, Senior Researcher

Organization map:

 Organization map 2019